LucaNet.Cloud versus on-premises solution

Financial Performance Management in the Cloud

Global availability for your financial data with maximum data security

If you choose to use LucaNet as an SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, you will be able to access the LucaNet software via the LucaNet.Cloud. This option combines the maximum availability, simplicity, security, and flexibility offered by the Cloud with top-class financial intelligence functions in the field of FPM.

LucaNet as an SaaS solution is:

  • Easy to operate
  • Available to use anywhere in the world
  • Always available
  • Easy to scale or modify
  • A maximum-security option

If you would prefer to save your data locally, you can also use LucaNet as an on-premises solution.


LucaNet.Cloud combines security, flexibility, and intuitive operation with first-class financial intelligence functions from a leading software for Financial Performance Management.

The benefits of LucaNet.Cloud

Our LucaNet.Cloud for Financial Performance Management offers you:

Financial intelligence

Switching to a Cloud-based software solution will make it easy for you to administrate all your FPM applications – from consolidated financial statements and financial planning and analysis to reporting – while ensuring maximum performance and security.

Self-service solution

As a user of our Cloud service, you can operate completely independently of the IT department and don’t have to worry about software and network operation. There is no administrative workload for installations, updates or release changes to the server tier. This enables you to save time, costs and resources.

Maximum security

Both LucaNet and our service providers, T-Systems and AWS, comply with the strictest security requirements, thus guaranteeing maximum data security for you. Your data will be saved in a separate, secure area (“virtual private cloud”) with optimum protection from the AWS firewall, and you will be able to access them from all over the world. All the service providers involved possess all the necessary ISO certifications (ISO 27001, etc.).

Double the security

LucaNet.Cloud offers double the security, as our security concept covers both the protection of your data in the LucaNet software and the guidelines for access-protected, fail-safe operation of the LucaNet software in the Cloud, thanks to LucaNet’s collaboration with service provider T-Systems International GmbH (TSI) and cloud provider Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS).

clouds data flow

How LucaNet.Cloud works – it’s simple!


  • Uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its platform for cloud services
  • Saves your data in their own virtual environment (“virtual private cloud”)
  • Is an AWS public cloud managed by T-Systems International
  • Has a comprehensive service-level agreement
  • Has a technical side managed exclusively by LucaNet staff
  • Guarantees maximum security

Maximum security with the LucaNet software architecture

The LucaNet.Cloud architecture contains the entire LucaNet server tier (LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server and LucaNet.Financial Warehouse). By way of comparison, your own network (local computer or Citrix environment) only stores the client-tier components: LucaNet.Software Manager, which administrates all the LucaNet programs and the versions of Java required by these programs on the user computer in question; the front end (LucaNet.FinancialClient); and LucaNet.Excel-Add-In.

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Financial Performance Management with the on-premises solution

If you choose our on-premises solution, you will be purchasing the LucaNet software and taking full responsibility for running it on your own network or in a data center belonging to another cloud provider. With the on-premises solution, you will generally be responsible for maintaining the LucaNet software yourself.

What an on-premises solution offers

Local provision

You should use LucaNet as an on-premises solution if your IT strategy requires the strict security and direct integration a local solution offers.

Quick integration

With LucaNet’s open system architecture, integrating our software into existing IT infrastructures and application environments is child’s play. 

Switching is easy

If your IT strategy is altered due to changes in your situation, you can easily switch from the on-premises solution to LucaNet.Cloud at any time – using the full power of Financial Performance Management.

Expert support

As a LucaNet customer, you can enjoy a comprehensive support package and access to a network of globally certified partners who will provide you with on-premises assistance. This ensures that your LucaNet Financial Performance Management software is always up to date.