ESG Reporting made easy

Sustainability data collection, analyzing, and reporting

LucaNet's software for integrated ESG reporting

Everything you need for integrated ESG reporting and financial reporting, all in one solution

Accelerate your reporting
  • Automatic data collection from all source systems (ERP, financial accounting, HR systems, MS Office, etc)
  • A single point of truth with all your ESG data and KPIs in the same place
Improve data quality
  • Measure your ESG performance with custom KPIs and metrics
  • A single point of truth with all your ESG data and KPIs in the same place
Identify risks
  • Improve your ESG reporting and analysis
  • Keep a constant eye on your ESG performance
Fulfil your reporting obligations
  • Available for different ESG & Sustainability Reporting standards
  • Creation of audit-compliant reports in iXBRL format

LucaNet ESG Reporting - ESG and Sustainability data collection, analyzing, and reporting

Only LucaNet is this simple

Easy data collection

Our software offers more than 300 interfaces to ERP, financial accounting, and HR systems (and Excel, too), which makes it possible to automate transfers of ESG data and metrics. You can also merge the ESG data from your different companies and locations and administrate it all in the same location.

Get a handle on all your data

With LucaNet, you’ll have complete control and transparency with regard to your ESG data. Our software helps you carry out activities relevant to ESG, including KPI calculation, performance analysis, and reporting for executives, stakeholders, and investors.

Reports you can rely on

LucaNet gives you a fast, automated, and dependable way to create your consolidated annual reports – including the management reports that will need to contain sustainability statements in the future. Better yet, it only takes one click to convert your ESG reports into the required iXBRL format. Rest assured you are fully compliant with ESG reporting standards.

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