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Put your trust in controlling software that’s not beholden to a particular industry and covers all the aspects of business planning. Say goodbye to traditional planning systems that are based mainly on Excel spreadsheets and non-standardized data, and lay the foundations for integrated financial planning and professional financial controlling that includes transparent budget planning.

LucaNet’s planning and controlling software has achieved top rankings in BARC’s Planning Survey, having particularly impressed judges in the data transfer, user friendliness, and performance categories. Since it’s based on a standardized system, LucaNet puts you in a position to automate your budgeting and financial planning processes and manage them in flexible ways.

Integrated Financial Planning

Discover the controlling software from LucaNet – and start creating flawless financial plans.

This is what an ideal financial planning software can do in controlling

LucaNet is your easy-to-use software for integrated financial planning and budgeting. Benefit among others from: 

  • Dynamic planning on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis
  • Sub-plans at the cost center and/or cost unit level
  • Automatic, rules-based derivation of integrated business planning (P&L planning, balance sheet planning, liquidity planning)
  • Representation of direct liquidity planning
  • Planning of scenarios and forecasts
  • Integration interfaces are immediately usable and standardized for over 250 source systems
  • Secure financial planning software in accordance with the IDW PS 880 auditing standard

An intelligent solution for financial planning

How LucaNet can benefit you

Automated budget planning

LucaNet aids users like you in developing detailed planned time series using a range of forecast wizards. Along with operational planning aspects of your profit and loss statements (such as sales, project, and HR planning), you can generate detailed plans for your budgeting, including for investments and borrowing.

Data transfer

Leave complex data integration processes behind. With LucaNet, accessing information from the upstream databases of financial accounting, HR, and CRM systems couldn’t be simpler. LucaNet offers interfaces that are immediately usable and standardized for around 200 source systems. They're also easy to modify or extend if necessary.

Integrated financial planning

With our software for planning and controlling, you can automatically calculate the effects your budget planning will have on your profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and liquidity. The parameters for the automated generation of integrated financial planning incl. direct liquidity planning are defined in accounting rules and payment modalities.

Integrated forecasting

You can easily derive scenarios and (rolling) projections from your existing planning. These can be contrasted against each other and valued using flexible views.


LucaNet's bidirectional MS Excel integration guarantees you additional flexibility, whether it's in planning or report creation. If you require a consolidated perspective within the context of a group, our financial planning software can be flexibly enhanced with our tool for financial consolidation.


You can count on us: The data model behind LucaNet software has been tested in accordance with the ISAE 3000 auditing standard, with evaluations of P&L, balance sheet, cashflow, etc. always being in themselves consistent and valid.

Nine surefire steps to devising the perfect financial plan

Definition of the data model
  • Define your planning elements (locations, cost centres, projects, customers etc.) with just a few clicks.
  • Entering a planning period is also very easy.
Transfer of actual data
  • LucaNet makes importing your actual data from the relevant source systems a snap.
Set-up of sub-plans
  • Put together sub-plans that cover sales, expenses, investments, borrowing, and more.
  • In doing so, you can use predefined templates for mapping your sub-plans.
Implementation of planning
  • To finalize your planning, start by entering your centralized or decentralized planning data.
Integration of sub-plans
  • Aggregate your planning data from the individual plans into one transparent overall plan.
Balance sheet and liquidity planning
  • With our planning software, it’s easy to make the transition to integrated balance sheet and liquidity planning.
  • It’s also possible to define payment modalities.
  • Automate the transition of open items from actual to planning status.
Group planning
  • If necessary, you can combine the planning of your individual companies into group planning (consolidation).
  • Create meaningful reports and analyses with ease.
Scenarios and forecasts
  • Map scenarios and intrayear updates to planning (forecasts) with ease.

Only LucaNet simplifies complexity

  • Use planning data levels to put together clear visualizations of your planning variations.
  • You can set up any number of planning data levels for budgets, forecasts, and scenarios and then juxtapose them in comparison views.
  • It’s also possible to define any planning period you wish.
  • The balance sheet and cash flow statement used for planning are fully automated on the basis of payment modalities and accounting rules and are derived from the planning (expenses, income and capital expenditure) in real time.
  • Accounting rules are the centerpiece of the integrated financial planning in LucaNet.
  • All accounting rules can easily be retrieved and adopted in all subsequent planning processes.
  • The drill-down function is also available throughout the planning process, from the group and company levels to cost centers and the underlying planning documents. You can use it starting from any structure, as well – including direct liquidity planning.
  • In addition, you can add comments or descriptions to any planning, and it's easy to upload files in a variety of formats (e-mail, PDF, Excel, etc.).
  • A wizard is also available for the planning of (intercompany) loans.
  • All the data relating to a loan (amount, repayment, interest, charges, etc.) can be entered in a clearly arranged format.
  • All accounting entries resulting from the loan are calculated and posted automatically.
  • You will receive a transparent overview that covers the entire loan term (and not only the current planning period).
  • The different planning variations (budgets, forecasts, scenarios) can be compared and analyzed in freely configurable display modes. 
  • Difference columns with sparklines, a traffic light function, and a commenting function are also available. 
  • You can add a comment to each individual value or difference.

A professional enhancement for your LucaNet software

App: Business valuation

  • Mapping common processes in business valuation
  • Process-dependent calculation of weighted average cost of capital (WACC)
  • Automated sensitivity analysis when various valuation parameters change

App: Maturity analysis

  • Analyze open items by category and maturity
  • Drill down to the individual posting level
  • Move open items to your plan based on calculated payment statistics

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