Financial statements in record time

The software for financial consolidation

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with software that basically handles financial consolidation for you? One that lets you start the entire process of preparing financial statements with a single mouse click? This is exactly what our software for consolidation makes possible.

By automating as many aspects as possible, it can reduce your workload and guide you through every step of financial consolidation in a targeted-oriented, audit-compliant manner. Predefined processes, an intuitive interface, and a transparent data model make each individual step simpler. Put your trust in our tried-and-tested software – your auditor will, too!

Financial Consolidation

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This is what an ideal software for consolidation and group controlling can do

LucaNet is your easy-to-use software for financial consolidation. Benefit among others from:

  • Completely automated procedure across all consolidation steps and group structures of any depth
  • Simultaneous presentation of accounting standards
  • Foreign and group currencies
  • Presentation of all group schedules and the consolidated cash flow statement
  • Multi-currency conversion and translation
  • Easy maintenance of structures, chart of accounts, and master data
  • Complete data integration within one data model

An intelligent solution for consolidation

How LucaNet can benefit you


Consolidation that basically runs on its own: With LucaNet, that’s not just a promise – it's a guarantee. Thanks to the high degree of automation our software provides, you can start the consolidation process with a simple click of the mouse. All the resulting steps will take place on their own, no matter how deep your group's structures go.

Data transfer

Do you dream of flawless data integration? With more than 200 ready-made interfaces to a wide variety of ERP and accounting systems, we can help you wake up to the reality you're looking for. Our open architecture also makes it possible for any XMLA‐compatible BI front end to access figures in LucaNet directly.


Maximum transparency, all the way down to the posting and source document level: Your LucaNet software will enable you to trace every number just by double-clicking it. Every posting and the adjustments made to it are seamlessly logged within the system to offer you the utmost in clarity whenever you need it.


Absolutely reliable – that’s LucaNet's consolidation software in a nutshell. In fact, it’s certified in accordance with the official IDW PS 880 auditing standard of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany. This means you can use it to ensure your compliance with the principles of proper accounting throughout the consolidation process. The result is a set of auditable financial statements that auditors and investors will be happy with.

Self-service solution

With our software, professional users like you no longer need to call the IT department for support. You can administrate the system and make all the necessary adjustments on your own. That’s an advantage in a time when closing cycles are becoming ever shorter and regulatory requirements are becoming more and more significant.


If only everything were as simple as our software’s intuitive interface. Even if you aren’t an IT expert, you’ll get a handle on the LucaNet environment in no time. This will make common processes such as creating and modifying master data, hierarchies, and postings easy to manage.

Nine surefire steps to financial consolidation

Consolidation area
  • Easy setup and definition of the relevant consolidation areas, including subgroups, segments and more
Charts of accounts
  • Simple maintenance and set-up of account structures by the professional user (P&L, balance sheet, cashflow, schedules etc.)
Data transfer
  • Access to source systems/financial accounting (200 preconfigured interfaces, including to SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage, Diamant, proALPHA and Datev)
Validation and IC reconciliation
  • System-side, freely configurable validation of the transferred data
  • Enrichment of data with missing information (disclosures, IC data, transaction types for schedules etc.)
  • System-supported intercompany reconciliation on the transaction currency level
  • Status monitor for overseeing the process
Currency translation
  • System-supported currency translation in accordance with all common processes
  • Automatic presentation of all delta currency effects
  • Retrieval of exchange rates from the European Central Bank (ECB)
  • Display of historical exchange rates
Accounting principles
  • Posting focus means straightforward collection of reconciliation postings (HB II, IFRS, US GAAP etc.)
  • Simultaneous presentation of P&L and balance sheet structures
  • System-supported validation of all postings generated
  • Seamless documentation by means of change log
Consolidation run
  • Fully automated consolidation that covers
    • all the steps in consolidation (equity elimination; elimination of intercompany debt; elimination of intercompany income and expense; elimination of intercompany profit and loss)
    • and group structures of any depth (legal consolidation, by segment consolidation, etc.)
Quality assurance
  • System-supported status reports for quality assurance
Financial reporting
  • Automatic generation of reports
  • Print-ready annual report preparation with SmartNotes

Only LucaNet simplifies complexity

  • LucaNet software makes it possible to fulfill multiple accounting standards in parallel – for consolidation in line with both IFRS and the German Commercial Code (HGB), for example.
  • Adjustment levels can be used to record any kind of adjustment entry (such as reconciliation from the subsidiaries’ local GAAP to the parent company’s group GAAP or reconciliation from HGB to IFRS).
  • Our software enables you to adjust structures directly.
  • A simple right-click is enough to create new elements, which you can also define in multiple languages.
  • You can create all kinds of structures and hierarchies at the same time, as well.
  • No matter whether it's for legal or management consolidation or actual or planning consolidation, you can include and execute every consolidation step in a single consolidation run.
  • Corresponding apps that automatically generate consolidation postings are available for all the consolidation steps.
  • Currency translation is based on the modified current rate method.
  • LucaNet makes it easy to retrieve exchange rates directly from the European Central Bank (ECB).
  • You can also enter historical exchange rates. 
  • All currency effects are automatically shown throughout the data model (this includes the cash flow statement and schedules).
  • The drill-down feature offers more in-depth insights into your data.
  • You can access data from directly within the LucaNet solution – be it from the group and company level down to individual cost centers. And from there, down to the posting document level in your financial warehouse (or even scanned documents from your document management system)! 
software demo

Learn even more about our software for financial consolidation

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