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Software for efficient controlling of equity holdings

Modern investment management is being shaped by increasingly complex corporate structures and the constant progression of decentralization and internationalization. A tremendous amount of effort is required when the financial data pertaining to investments is scattered across a wide variety of source systems and countless Excel spreadsheets. Charts of accounts, meanwhile, are typically not harmonized, and new accounts have to be added by hand. This results in reporting and analysis that are both resource-intensive and prone to inaccuracies.

To bring order to data this complex, companies are in more need than ever of an instrument suitable for implementing centralized and efficient controlling of equity holdings.

Here’s what controlling software for equity holdings should offer

Controlling software for equity holdings needs to meet a range of specific requirements.

    • Presentation of actual and planning figures on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis
    • Best-case and worst-case scenarios
    • Intra-year rolling planning and forecasts
    • Transfer of existing planning from MS Excel and other data sources
    • Ad-hoc reporting
    • Interactive analysis function
    • Charts
    • Sparklines directly within value cells
    • Management cockpit
    • Custom report creation
    • Full Excel integration
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    How LucaNet makes your job easier

    Central database

    LucaNet enables you to integrate heterogeneous data and structures for individual investments into uniform visual presentations in a quick and straightforward way. This facilitates not only data analysis, but benchmarking within your investment portfolio, as well.


    Planning and actual figures, combined

    With a single click, you can blend actuals with data pertaining to forecasts and rolling planning. Traffic lights and sparklines also make it easy to recognize trends and outliers.


    Sustainable controlling of equity holdings needs to be founded on reliable data. With LucaNet, it’s possible to drill every individual figure down to the posting document level in just a few clicks. This will give you the greatest possible transparency across all your investments.

    Monthly reporting

    In LucaNet, it’s easy to create ad-hoc reports or use data files (which you can generate at the press of a button) to provide investors with all the information they need on how their holdings are performing.


    Data integration

    Thanks to MS Excel support and numerous ready-to-use interfaces to all the commonly used ERP and financial accounting systems, incorporating planning and actual figures on new investments could hardly be simpler.


    LucaNet is flexible in its ability to connect to the web-based LucaNet tool for IC reconciliation. Once this connection is established, new investments can use it as a direct means of data entry. The corresponding holding company will then receive the data in short order in a standardized format.

    Only LucaNet simplifies complexity

    equity kpi ratio analysis

    With just a few clicks, complex key performance indicators (KPIs) and covenants for all equity holdings are created.


    equity statistical account workspaces

    In addition to just financial figures, any bit of statistical information can be represented and visualized graphically in LucaNet, e. g. personnel figures.


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