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The software for data collection and validation

The lack of quality in financial data, which is usually drawn from a range of different system landscapes and source systems, represents a huge challenge for many finance departments. Say goodbye to financial data that needs to be painstakingly incorporated into reports and integrated into plans and consolidated financial statements without first being validated. LucaNet offers a software tool that will make your everyday routine noticeably easier with simple data collection and reliable data validation.

The path to maximum data quality

Our software for data collection and validation is sure to be the right tool for you thanks to all the functions it offers, which include:

  • Automated validation options
  • Workflow support via integrated task management
  • Transparency about the state of data collection
  • Secure and error-free data transfer
  • Data files that can be audited

An intelligent solution for data validation

How LucaNet can benefit you


LucaNet software makes it easy to set up the report layout for collecting planning and actual data. It also provides automatic validation for the data you collect. The validation takes place in real time.


With LucaNet, you can define validation rules and checking routines on a case-by-case basis. It offers a non-complex way of creating both simple conditions and If/Then rules. Each rule can be set to apply to all reporting units (e.g. companies, cost centers, segments) or just selected ones.


Thanks to an integrated status monitor, you can keep a constant eye on the entire process of data collection and validation. The system enables you to see at a glance which reporting units have not yet observed certain validation rules.

Data transfer

Data collection can be handled manually or it can be automated; interfaces to LucaNet.Financial Warehouse and MS Excel are of course available to you. Validation is carried out regardless of the type of collection used and is available equally for all reporting units, even if they do not all use the same system landscape.


With software from LucaNet, you can increase the quality of your data while making your processes more efficient through automation. This makes your financial reporting and planning processes much faster – with financial data you can trust 100%.


LucaNet offers the utmost in reliability. The process of data collection can only be completed once all the validation rules at hand have been observed. This means you’ll always have access to valid and consistent data – whether it's for your planning or financial consolidation.

Eight surefire steps to validated financial data:

Report layout
  • LucaNet software provides an intuitive interface for setting up data files.
  • The contents can be freely defined by the user.
  • Changes are made centrally for all reporting units.
  • The layout can easily be modified at any time.
Template distribution
  • The reporting packages are sent to those in charge in the reporting units via LucaNet's task management feature.
  • The tasks are generated automatically by the system.
  • Deadlines for the submission of data are communicated to the reporting units by means of milestones in each task.
  • The reporting units are automatically informed via e-mail notification about the new task.
  • It is also possible to provide additional information (instructions for completion, supplementary documents) in the task.
  • All this makes sending bulky Excel files via e-mail a thing of the past.
Data collection
  • In addition to entering their data manually, reporting units can import it into LucaNet from the source system or MS Excel.
  • Everyone works using a standardized, intuitive interface for data collection.
  • Explanations and comments can be entered in separate fields.
  • The parent company can see the current status of data collection at any time.
IC reconciliation
  • IC reconciliation is carried out automatically after all companies have entered their IC data.
  • Various options are available, including reconciliation in transaction currency, in group currency, and at the individual posting level.
  • Differences can be clarified simply and directly between the subsidiaries involved.
Data validation
  • All data is validated automatically.
  • The status monitor shows, for example, whether all validation rules have been observed and whether there are still IC discrepancies that need to be clarified.
  • The tedious checking of the individual Excel reporting packages is no longer necessary.
Data approval
  • The person responsible for reporting in each reporting unit can easily approve the entire reporting package using the task management feature.
Data transmission
  • Once data collection has been completed, the parent company will automatically receive an e-mail notification via the task management and can access the data directly.
Data transfer
  • Once the data of all companies is reconciled and validated, it's easy to transfer it into the group structures.
  • LucaNet makes all the data available in a standardized financial performance management solution.

Only LucaNet simplifies complexity

As a user, you have full transparency as to whether a reporting unit has already observed all the rules or still has some issues to resolve. The status monitor also displays all your deadlines and the status of your IC reconciliation.

As a user, it is easy for you to see which validation rules have already been observed and which have not. You can also navigate directly to the entry in question from the rule itself.

New rules can easily be created by entering conditions (including as if-then rules) and then rolled out immediately to all reporting units.

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