Interactive analysis made easy

The perfect combination for business intelligence and dashboarding solutions

LucaNet offers the perfect solution for drawing up a table of your financial figures and analyzing them transparently for your reports using ad hoc graphics, flexible time series analyses, and dynamic comparison views. If you also want to visualize, share, and personalize your financial data in central, interactive, and mobile dashboards and charts, our FPM software offers seamless connection to professional, third-party dashboarding and BI tools.

Key functions for BI and dashboarding

  • Simple, clear, and transparent generation of ad hoc analyses in the LucaNet front end
  • Seamless integration with any BI or dashboarding tool
  • “Best of breed”: The ultimate combination of a suitable BI/analytics tool for operative planning and dashboarding with the financial accounting expertise of the LucaNet software

Open system architecture

LucaNet data can be exported in a data model optimized for BI tools ("star schema") and flexibly integrated into any BI front end.

“Best of breed” solution

In a company-wide business intelligence environment, LucaNet becomes the system’s “financial data hub”, offering a central function that traditional business intelligence and dashboarding tools with their complex technical requirements cannot match.

Individual generic planning solutions

LucaNet provides a range of planning options, including planning forms, wizards, and Excel integration. But if this still isn’t enough for you, you can also import your individual planning time series from your traditional BI tools at the push of a button.

Only LucaNet simplifies complexity

bi and analytics comparison planning actual figures

Simple comparison of all data levels, including sparklines, traffic light function and comments.

bi and analytics ad hoc analyses

Visualisation of all data available in LucaNet using ad hoc graphics for quick and easy analysis.

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