Turning data into decisions

Using the right software to create the perfect financial plan

Balance sheet and cashflow planning, budget planning and forecasting: For many businesses, the planning process is a time-consuming process, associated with manually entering a large amount of data into different, non-standardized documents. It should hardly be surprising that errors creep in during the process. Frequently, the process relies on MS Excel, even though it has only limited suitability as a financial planning and controlling tool.

Optimize your financial planning

Simply more accurate


improved planning transparency i
(Customer Story Toshiba 2018)

Simply more efficient


savings in resources i
(BARC Planning Survey 2017)

Simply faster


increase in time savings

What makes LucaNet unique

Rapid implementation

With LucaNet, you can rely on software for your planning processes that is easy to introduce. You can simply start working and focus on what really matters in planning and analysis – from balance sheet and cashflow planning to budget planning, scenario planning and forecasting.

100% real-time

Impacts on profit and loss and liquidity from changes made to original planning data are automated in LucaNet and are shown immediately. This increases the accuracy and flexibility of your analysis. Easily adjust structures to your planning process with software that offers you integrated financial planning as well as professional controlling.

By finance, for finance

LucaNet was designed to meet the special needs of finance teams. Whether you need integrated financial planning, forecasting, scenario planning, or operative (budget) planning – LucaNet’s planning software will provide you with a comprehensive view of your financial data.

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