3 x 3 BI - The Future of Management Reporting

whitepaper 3x3 bi the future of management reporting

Management reporting is becoming a hot topic, not only for multinational groups, but especially for small and medium-sized companies. Reason enough for LucaNet and Lünendonk to take a look at developments in management reporting over the last few years and explore what the future might hold.

The white paper focuses on three aspects of management reporting: know-how, tools and trends. Three interesting theories have been developed for each of these three areas.

Contents of this white paper

  • Chapter 1 – Skilled Labour Shortage
  • Chapter 2 – Investment in BI
  • Chapter 3 – The Role of the CFO
  • Chapter 4 – BI relevant in all areas of an enterprise
  • Chapter 5 – Software itself no guarantee of data quality
  • Chapter 6 – BI vs. Excel
  • Chapter 7 – Mobile BI
  • Chapter 8 – BI as a Service
  • Chapter 9 – BI for auditors