IFRS 16 - Lease Accounting

Brochure "IFRS 16 done simply and reliably"

brochure ifrs 16

The IFRS 16 accounting standard represents a paradigm shift for companies for the recognition of leasing contracts on the balance sheet. Going forward, most leases are to become an integral part of a company’s balance sheet. The LucaNet IFRS 16 solution helps you to tackle these changes head-on.

Contents of this brochure:

  • Easy transfer of operative leasing postings to IFRS 16 
  • Use of a standardised system, no add-on solutions required 
  • Correct disclosure of leasing contracts for the preparing of consolidated financial statements 
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive user guidance 
  • Direct connection to your contract database (on request); direct posting in LucaNet contracts