Turning Adversity into Opportunity: Coming Out of 2020 Stronger for Finance

[In collaboration with ACCA Singapore]

Things are starting to pick up, but it is never quite the same. As we approach the end of 2020, it is important for the finance team to look back at the lessons we have learn and explore opportunities amidst this adversity to come out of 2020 stronger.

Here are some key topics we would be covering:

  • What did we learn from 2020?
  • How can the finance team pivot faster next time?
  • What opportunities does Covid-19 open for the finance team?
  • How do we gear up for 2021?
  • How do we even reopen the office?

Group of participants

The webinar is for Finance Managers, Finance Heads, Controllers, and CFOs.



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managing director kenneth tan
Kenneth Tan
Regional Managing Director, LucaNet ASEAN