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Agile Finance: What large corporations can learn from lean start-ups

Evidence shows that an agile finance function will make better use of capital and provide better support for the business by being a much stronger position to identify and drive growth opportunities. Agile finance is something that fast-growing start-ups excel in. Therefore we have brought together a selection of agile experts to share with you on how you can create a more agile mindset and strategy, whether you’re in a large corporation or a lean start-up.

By attending this webinar, you will learn about:

  • What agile finance is all about
  • How agile start-ups are structuring and managing their finance processes
  • How the finance teams of growing companies are managing group finance processes, such as consolidation and reporting
  • What large corporations can learn from lean start-ups to create greater agility in their finance teams

Group of participants

  • Finance leaders from medium-large corporations who are interested to learn how to adopt an agile finance process
  • Finance leaders from start-ups interested to learn from fellow start-ups

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Wai Hong Chin
Wai Hong Chin
Head of Finance, 99.co
Xiang Jie Chung
Xiang Jie Chung
VP Finance, CARRO
Katherine Tan
Katherine Tan
Group CFO, Wearnes Automotive
Jatin Detwani
Jatin Detwani
Moderator - CEO, GrowwthPartners
managing director kenneth tan
Kenneth Tan

nicole wang
Contact person

Nicole Wang
Regional Marketing Manager, LucaNet ASEAN