200 subsidiaries – one set of consolidated financial statements

Success story Rocket Internet SE

For its first set of consolidated financial statements, Rocket Internet consolidated around 200 companies. What would have been impossible with Excel worked reliably with LucaNet.

We used LucaNet to prepare Rocket Internet's first ever consolidated financial statements – and we’re really very happy with the results.

Paul Stander
Head of Group Accounting National

How Rocket Internet uses LucaNet software:

  • Consolidated financial statements
  • Mapping of hundreds of subsidiaries
  • Consolidation in accordance with the German GAAP (HGB) and IFRS

About the enterprise

“To become the world’s largest Internet platform outside of the United States and China” - that’s the mission of Rocket Internet. Rocket Internet identifies and builds on tried-and-tested business models and transfers them to new, as-yet untapped markets. Well-known examples of their success include brands such as Delivery Hero, Westwing, Home24, and HelloFresh.

Business Processes

logo rocket internet

Industry :

Digital economy

Core Business :


Headquarter city :

Berlin (Germany)

Employees :

42,000 (worldwide)

Website :

Rocket Internet homepage

The challenge

Establishing a group accounting process

When enterprises grow strongly, this has a particularly heavy impact on the finance department. That was also the case at Rocket Internet. Financial processes needed to be restructured and developed further; a completely new group accounting department was established, and financial software had to be found that would guide the group through the consolidation process in a way that was reliable and straightforward.

rocket internet office

The solution

Hundreds of companies under one roof

The finance team at Rocket Internet chose LucaNet for its first set of consolidated financial statements and is really happy with its decision to opt for LucaNet: "We have hundreds of companies spread across several sub-groups to consolidate. You can't do this in Excel without getting any errors. LucaNet makes it possible for you to prepare consolidated financial statements reliably in accordance with different accounting standards. Whatever you choose, your consolidated profit and loss statement, consolidated balance sheet, consolidated cash flow statement, and disclosures are presented transparently. A particularly important aspect for us is the reliable presentation of an unlimited number of companies, as there are often changes to our portfolio of investments.”

Rocket Internet saves on time and costs

Many investments, subgroups, consolidating in accordance with the HGB (German Commercial Code) and IFRS – the first set of consolidated financial statements was hardly a walk in the park. But in the end, it was successful and a solid foundation for the future partnership between LucaNet and Rocket Internet. Paul Stander, Head of Group Accounting – National, explains: "As Rocket Internet has a highly complex, constantly evolving group structure, we need software that can give us very flexible support for our consolidated accounting requirements. With its many different functions, LucaNet is the ideal solution for us. This is especially true when it comes to consolidation within a group with numerous companies in other countries. The implementation went without a hitch, giving us a significant advantage in terms of time and costs. The staff at LucaNet are also genuine specialists in their fields, meaning we also benefit from their expert advice.”


How LucaNet software benefits Rocket Internet:

  • Flexibility in the consolidation process
  • Reliable numbers
  • Transparency despite many investments