Provider of energy saving solutions improved its finance processes

Success story Barghest Building Performance Pte Ltd

As BBP started expanding, the team also needed an affordable solution that would simplify the financial processes of consolidation, planning, and reporting. With LucaNet, BBP has achieved greater flexibility and quicker tracing of financials in the end-to-end finance process all integrated within a one-source-of-truth platform.

The LucaNet implementation team delivers a system that meets our requirements. The result is an infrastructure that allows the finance team to be a value-adding service provider to the rest of our organization.

Ong En Ping
Chief Financial Officer of BBP

How BBP uses LucaNet:

  • Streamlining of intercompany eliminations
  • Integrated financial and budget planning
  • Extraction of data from QuickBooks via Direct Connector

About the company

BBP delivers energy saving solutions across 9 countries spanning from Southeast Asia, China, India, and Taiwan. Founded in 2012, is now backed by KKR, an American global investment company.

Use cases:

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Industry :

Services and support

Core Business :

Energy saving solutions

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Singapore (Singapore)

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The challenge

Analysis Across Different Projects

With BBP’s exponential growth, BBP’s financial process has become an essential step in making the company more efficient, as BBP is committed to assisting customers in achieving their energy efficiency goals. Therefore, financial analysis was time-consuming and complicated without an ability to swiftly drill down into its transaction for tracing purposes and no ability to flexibly analyze across the different projects.

Forecasting of Projects Cashflows

It is imperative for BBP to be able to visualize the actual performance of its contract portfolio in relation to its budgets and targets. It is essential to accurately budget and report performance across the entire portfolio to managements and investors alike. Putting together actual versus budget reports without a centralized platform was time-consuming and error-prone and managing multiple versions of forecasts was a challenge.

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The solution

Flexibility in Analysis Through Slicing and Dicing of Data  

With the LucaNet software, slicing and dicing of data has been made simple for analysis purposes. Having a slice and dice tool enabled the team at BBP to trace its transactions for better explanation during Audits. With this reduction in time spent, the BBP team concentrates on performing more value-adding analyses and reviews.

Overview of Budget Planning Across Projects

The LucaNet budgeting module provides a comprehensive overview of budget planning for BBP across its wide range of projects and cashflow projections. By assuring that the team can access accurate information and keep track of each project budget's progression, it simplifies the process of generating on-demand actual vs budget comparison reports. Hence, BBP now has time-savings and detailed drill down information at its disposal, allowing the team to focus on enhancing profits and controlling its cash flows to empower the organization’s vision and strategic objectives.

How BBP benefits from LucaNet:

  • Detailed drill down to transaction level made easier for tracing purposes
  • Efficient tracking and comparison of financial data
  • Ability for timely and accurate comparison of actual vs budget on a single user-friendly software

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