How Bredenoord Cut its Close Cycle from 15 to 3 Days

Success story Bredenoord B.V.

Until a few years ago, Bredenoord relied on Excel to do consolidation and reporting. That was error-prone and time-consuming. With LucaNet, the company is now able to reduce the financial close cycle and focus more on planning.

How Bredenoord uses LucaNet:

  • Replacement of error-prone Excel spreadsheets
  • Reduction of the monthly close cycle
  • Efficient financial planning and budgeting

About the enterprise

Bredenoord is an independent family-owned concern that develops, delivers, maintains and operates internationally market-leading and the most reliable decentral energy systems, to provide its customers with energy security.

Business Processes

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Core Business:


Headquarter city:

Apeldoorn (Netherlands)




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