Turning customers into ambassadors

Just some of our delighted clients

With more than 2,700 satisfied customers in over 50 countries, the figures speak for themselves.  All enjoy the high performance and flexibility offered by our software. Whether a small independent retailer, a medium-sized industrial manufacturer, or a stock-listed electronics group – LucaNet provides a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of enterprises of all sizes, whatever the sector.

Curious what we can do for you? Get a taster from the customer success stories included below.

How LucaNet helps customers on the job

Customer Interview Basic-Fit

Adriaan Bos, Head of Planning & Control at Basic-Fit, explains why the company chose LucaNet, and why he is glad that balance reconciliation with Excel is now a thing of the past.

Customer Interview Data-Mail

It used to take Data-Mail, Inc. 30 days to close the books on each month. CFO Mark Pritchard set out to change that. He adopted the LucaNet system in hopes that it would streamline Data-mail’s processes and unify the ledger structures. It worked. Now it takes them 8 days to close the books.


There is no better reference than a happy customer. We have collected a few interesting “customer stories” for you. Read on and discover how our integrated software turns consolidation, planning and reporting into a success story for professionals across all industries.

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