BARC Planning Survey 2021: LucaNet shows why it is the top vendor for financial planning

Are you looking for a suitable financial planning tool? Are you tired of working with opaque Excel spreadsheets and would you like to finally put your integrated financial planning on solid ground? Then your search for the right planning tool has almost certainly already begun. But where can you find valuable comparison information to help you choose the right software package and the right vendor?  

That’s where The Planning Survey 21 from the analyst and consulting firm BARC comes in. The survey gives users of planning software a voice and presents their feedback in a structured way. Interested parties can draw on the collective user experiences collated by the study as a practical aide to decision-making. The survey results will help you to find the right financial planning tool for your enterprise in your software selection process. Thanks to the results of the study, the top vendors for financial planning solutions will soon become apparent.  

BARC’s latest Planning Survey involved a study design that included 1,422 participants. These participants were surveyed in the period from November 2020 to February 2021 on their user experiences with their particular planning tool, thus allowing them to provide direct feedback. 

LucaNet achieves top rankings in software comparison 

This year, LucaNet has once again been able to demonstrate that its software package enjoys a first-class reputation with its users as an outstanding self-service solution for planning, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation. In the BARC Planning Survey 21, LucaNet was awarded the top placing in a total of seven categories within the Global Vendors comparison group: 

  • Project Success 
  • Project Length 
  • Business Value 
  • Price to Value 
  • Data Integration 
  • Ease of Use 
  • Planning Content 

LucaNet also performed strongly in the comparison group for Financial Performance Management products, with six top placings.   

The survey scores emphasize how LucaNet is continuing to advance its position as a top vendor for Financial Performance Management solutions in the international software marketplace. “The results of the study fill us with pride and are an impressive demonstration of how LucaNet not only offers outstanding software solutions, but also provides first-class consulting services. We draw on these to support our customers in their day-to-day work and to help them structure their financial processes efficiently”, stresses Thomas Küttner, Head of Sales at LucaNet. 

What a professional financial planning tool offers 

Particularly in times of economic crisis, enterprises need reliable and sound financial and business planning. They need software that takes a holistic view of corporate processes. Planning, consolidation, and reporting under one roof – that’s what a technological and functional solution for successful enterprises looks like. LucaNet software users can attest to the fact that is only possible with a Financial Performance Management software solution. 

The secret sauce behind FPM software is that it combines all management processes within a single database. All financial data are merged together in one transparent data model. These allow planning processes in an enterprise to be undertaken in a way that is transparent and reliable.  

LucaNet software customers also emphasize in the BARC survey that they benefit from  

  • the simple implementation of the software  

  • the high degree of user-friendliness that the financial planning tool offers  

  • the comprehensive all-in-one functions for planning, financial statements, and reporting, and 

  • the high degree of flexibility that the tool offers for integrated financial planning. 

Feedback from LucaNet users is therefore very positive overall and shows how much users appreciate the functionality offered by the planning tool.  

“Outstanding software with all kinds of modules and maximum flexibility. Outstanding value. Terrific advisers who passionately and pragmatically bring projects to fruition, with a level of certainty and even over longer time periods”, is how one LucaNet user sums up their experience. These positive customer experiences ultimately result in a satisfaction rate of 97%. 

LucaNet the top vendor for financial planning:

Project success and business value 

As the top vendor for financial planning in its comparative groups, LucaNet has achieved particularly positive results in the areas of project success, project length, and business value. In their day-to-day work, users also benefit from the high degree of automation and the high level of data transparency. Tedious manual data entry and the unnecessary cleaning-up of errors are a thing of the past, with the improvements allowing for an efficient workflow at all levels of the planning process. The data are transferred from the source system in a way that is error-free and each figure can be tracked down to the document or posting level. 

Would you like to learn more about the results LucaNet software offers? Then take a look at LucaNet’s highlights in the BARC Planning Survey 21. Use this study to gain an in-depth overview of the top vendors for financial planning solutions and user satisfaction. The specific results from LucaNet’s Financial Performance Management software are available to you free of charge.  


Successful enterprises rely on LucaNet for financial planning and controlling  

If you’re dreaming of the perfect financial plan, then you should get up to speed with our wide range of solutions for integrated financial planning, budgeting, and controlling. With LucaNet, you can work more precisely, more efficiently, and more quickly. You’ll benefit from clean data that you can use to make valid decisions. You’ll be able to take your planning processes in the enterprise into a certain future, leaving behind the choppy waters of solutions relying on Excel and the like.  

Discover LucaNet’s planning tool now: 


About The Planning Survey 21 

“The Planning Survey 21” was conducted by BARC from November 2020 to February 2021. The survey involved 1,422 participants from around the world who provided information about the use of planning tools within their enterprise, based on selected criteria. In focus were 21 leading planning software products which were rated using 29 different key performance indicators such as business benefits, business value, project success, recommendation to others, customer satisfaction, planning functionality, and competitiveness.

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