What does it mean to work at LucaNet ASEAN?

“Working at LucaNet is like painting an empty canvas with a team. Although there is something on the canvas, you never really know what it will turn out to be.”

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Nicole Wang

Regional Marketing Manager

Amid all that is going on, it is easy to lose track of why we are doing what we are doing. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbates this – while embracing new ways of working, our familiar routines were upended. Research has shown this makes it surprisingly easy for people to lose themselves – their identity, the things that are important to them. (Simon, M., 2020) Therefore, one of our Q3 Business Review’s discussion topic – what does it mean to work LucaNet – was extremely timely.

For the uninitiated: LucaNet ASEAN is relatively young – both as a company and as a team. Having incorporated in 2016, we have expanded our footprint to serve clients in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. As a team with an average age of 27, we carry a strong potential to generate positive change across the finance community through digital transformation. Together, we strive to be the market-leading company in APAC that transforms the lives of fi­nance professionals through our technology and people.

Our team posing for a virtual group shot with our Summer intern, Gordon, after our quarterly business review.

In three themes, work at LucaNet ASEAN is about:

1. Opportunities and Growth

“I am a very different person from when I first joined three years ago,” Olivia recounts. Olivia is our Sales and Channel Manager. She appreciates the opportunities being in LucaNet, as it has given her the possibility to venture into different areas – like Sales. Having started first as a Solutions Consultant, she gradually transitioned to take on more responsibilities in Sales.

Celestine, one of our Consulting Managers, shared this sentiment. “There is an unparalleled autonomy to design a strategy, implement it with the team, to see the results.”. Being in a relatively small team has allowed our consulting function to be agile and responsive to our clients’ requirements. Having been one of the first few consultants in the team, Celestine has seen LucaNet’s processes and frameworks strengthened from project to project.

Conceptualizing a vision into reality – “growing what we have into a regional leader”. Since joining LucaNet, Benita, one of our consultants, has also constantly challenged herself. There has been growth in many areas – client management, technical knowledge, analytics – which requires her to step out of her comfort zone. 

2. Thriving despite Uncertainty

There’s no sugar-coating this – any new operation comes with a risk. Uncertainty is daunting, but it forces us to grow. In the words of Kenneth, our Managing Director, we are “constantly re-innovating our processes”. Nicole highlighted her appreciation for the unusual synergies between our Sales and Marketing functions. While in most organizations, there are disagreements between these two functions, the team works well together. This allows us to thrive despite uncertainty, making incremental improvements through ironing out minute details.

3. Purpose-Driven Work

“The best part of our work is the inherent potential and ability it has to create enduring change for our community,” I reflected. It may be challenging to get people to buy-in, as with any change management process. However, knowing that the work we are doing will benefit the people we serve is a strong motivation to press on to deliver. The hardest part is often getting others to trust and then act.

With the volume of data finance professionals are growing to cope with, it is essential to ensure data integrity and cleanliness to allow us to do more. Through observable metrics, Shu Yan, our ETL Developer, takes heart in knowing that her data-intensive work genuinely helps companies get better.

To sum it up, our defining mantra would aptly read: “To leave something in a better place from when and where we found it.”.

This is what it means to work at LucaNet – opportunities, growth, and purpose.

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