LucaNet ASEAN is the first FPM provider to be recognized as an ATO

LucaNet (ASEAN) is now officially an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) recognized by the Singapore Accountancy Commission. We are the very first Financial Performance Management solution provider to be recognized as an ATO.

As an ATO, our consultants are on track to attain their Singapore Chartered Accountant qualification and can also qualify for CPA ASEAN. In this article, we will explore the significance of being an ATO and how it impacts our clients.

What is an ATO?

An Accredited Training Organization (ATO) is an employer that has been certified by the Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) to meet the appropriate standards of staff training, accountancy resources, and development for Singapore CA Qualification Candidates to fulfill their practical experience.

This program requires consultants to complete four technical modules and one capstone module to ensure that they have the highest standard of technical skills. Concurrently, they complete three years of relevant professional experience. After having completed their training with an ATO they will be able to obtain their Chartered Accountant (CA) qualification.

Is being a Chartered Accountant still important?

We recently conducted a survey to understand how CA qualifications are perceived in the eyes of finance leaders. When asked about the importance of having CA qualified members in their team, 73% of the finance leaders stated that it is important to have CA qualifications. Almost half of finance leaders state it as a requirement. These results continue to highlight the importance of CAs. With a CA qualification, candidates have proven their excellence as qualified accounting professionals. This provides CAs with an edge over their counterparts, and a distinction in their abilities to add value to the business.

What sets LucaNet apart as an ATO?

We are proud to be the very first Financial Performance Management solution provider to attain ATO accreditation. Rather than focusing on hiring consultants with only IT background, LucaNet places a strong emphasis on acquiring leading consultants who possess strong finance and accounting foundations. As evident from our talent pool, our consultants come from recognizable institutes such as the Big 4 audit firms and multi-national corporations.

In order to provide better service to our finance community, LucaNet, as an ATO, is in the position to attract and develop talents in their accounting expertise. We aim to be the organization that allows prospective talents to successfully combine accounting with technology. The existing CAs in our organization will also play a role in helping our employees develop and strengthen our consulting service delivery offerings.

As testified by G2 Crowd, LucaNet software is known for its ease of use. With that, our consultants aim to deliver the best digital transformation experience possible by utilizing their in depth finance and accounting knowledge to customize our user-friendly software to clients’ needs. At LucaNet, we believe that our consultants are your business partners that will adequately guide you through your digital transformation journey.

How does it benefit our clients?

As shown by G2, LucaNet has obtained stellar reviews on our quality of support and ease of setup. This can be attributed to the development of our consultants. From the get-go, our clients have enjoyed tremendous value in being able to communicate with our consultants who can fully understand their current process, challenges, and requirements. What feels better than talking to someone who understands you?

From our point of view, this is the fundamental ingredient to a successful project. With the ability to empathize with our clients, our consultants can deliver solutions with user-friendly software within a much shorter implementation period.

As part of the change management process, our clients can fully rely on our consultants to communicate user needs and requirements to their key management, and thereby producing an end-product that truly works for their organizations.

LucaNet Consulting – Expertise you can rely on

Digitalization in accounting is no longer a trend – it has become a new reality. As we approach a new era, accounting and technology must go hand-in-hand for professionals to deliver the best performance. As accounting standards and digital tools evolve side by side, LucaNet, as an ATO, is accredited to provide our consultants with certified development of their financial skills while also improving their digital skills. Our consulting team is well equipped to provide tailor-made digital solutions for your team.

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